LOCKWOOD INTERNATIONAL B.V. is a well-known manufacturer of high-performance weighing, packing and processing equipment as used in the agricultural-and horticultural scene.

Lockwood products and services stand for 50 years of experience.
Graders, sizers, washers and dryers enable customers to sort out their best produce.
The semi-automatic weighing machines are known for their reliability and long-duration. The Multi Computer weighers proved, in a very demanding market, that Lockwood has the skill to perform high-class engineering that results in solid and accurate machinery.
Lockwood weighers work best in combination with Lockwood packing machines.They work fast and there is a range of packers for paper-, burlap- (jute), net- and foilbags ; for rollstock as well as separated bags.Lockwood works with several types of bag-closing systems for the packing from 1 kg. to 50 kg. Lockwood constructs the different belts for supply, transport and discharge systems as well. In brief : total-processing lines.
In order to be able to give the best possible service to Lockwood customers all over the world Lockwood has a staff of skilled service technicians that will give the necessary support where needed. In the countries where you find Lockwood distributors, their staff is able to provide you with spare parts and fast service.

Lockwood has an experienced staff of designers as well as technicians. The electronic engineers are constantly improving the programming techniques that, bearing the fast increasing computer-possibilities in mind, guarantee optimum use of our machines. Service is adequate and fast, wherever you are. Our men have been trained to do a proper job. We travel all over the world to visit our distributors and customers. A strong commercial staff knows what the market demands and is available for your possible questions at anytime.

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