The LOCKWOOD EXPANDING ADJUSTABLE ROLL SIZER is designed to speedily size produce by means of precision controlled rollers.
Spacing of rollers is regulated by Control Handles conveniently located on the sides of the Sizer.

There is no necessity of stopping machinery to changes sizes, merely turn Control Handles to quickly adjust to desired spacing. Steelrollers with plastic rings or rubber disks (diabolo). Smallest sizes are removed first, then each larger size is removed progressively as the produce flows through the sizer.

Makes sizes from 44-108 mm. or 35-80 mm. with diabolo rollers. Produce is carried away by conveyor belts passing through sizer, under sizing rollers. On the Two Size unit, one conveyor belt with a divider making two channels is recommended.

On the Three Size and Four Size units, two or three belts are recommended, these having dividers, as needed, to give the proper number of channels for number of sizes being selected by the Sizer.

The Spreader Section evenly and gently distributes produce over entire width of Sizer. Produce may be fed into Sizer by conveyor belts, elevators or rollertype conveyors.

Sizer is equipped with a variable speed unit, making it possible to increase or decrease Sizerís output volume as desired.

The LOCKWOOD EXPANDING ADJUSTABLE ROLL SIZER reduces costs and increases profits by:
  1. Cutting maintenance to a minimum.
  2. Eliminating purchase of many varied sizes of sorting belts.
  3. Eliminating space and labor required to maintain stock of various sizes of sorting belts.
  4. Eliminating shut down time normally required to change machinery for different sizes.
  5. Increasing accuracy of sizing other methods, giving your pack more uniformity.

TypeSizing areaTotal widthTotal Length Tons/hNr. of Sizes
RSS-3-120-225 1100 x 2235 1700 228030 3
RSS-4-120-305 1100 x 3050 1700 4190 30 4
RSS-3-150-225 1400 x 2235 2000 3380 40 3
RSS-4-150-305 1400 x 3050 2000 4190 40 4
RSS-3-185-225 1700 x 2235 2310 3380 50 3
RSS-4-185-205 1700 x 3050 2310 4190 50 4

Other combinations of width, length and number of sizes are possible.
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