H 50

Automatic filling and closing machine for single sacks made of Jute/Burlap, paper or PE. Pneumatically operated sack stretcher, adaptable for different sack sizes. Supporting belt in height adjustable, with side guides. Suitable for patatoes, onions, carrots, sprouts and numerous other products. The Lockseal H 50/1 with the Lockwood weighing machines make the best combination.

Sacks are taken by pneumatic sack pickers and brought between V-belts, who guide them intro 2-thread industrial Fischbein sewing machine has been equiped with pneumatic thread cutter and with tip-up support for easy maintenance.

Electric supply:
2,2 kW, 400 V with
Neutral and Earth, 50Hz.
2,2 kW, 220 V with Earth, 60Hz.

appr. 500 kg.

Conditioned air supply:
6 Bar, appr. 180 l/min.

Single PE-sacks, papersacks, and Jute/Burlap sacks up to 50 kg.

Depending on product and operation, capacity of 9 sacks of 50 kg./min.


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