Horizontal filling-and closing machine for PE-film bags. This PLC-controlled machine is easily to operate and is suitable for packagings from 0,5 - 10 kg in centerfold polyethylene film, with horizontal sealers.

The Lockseal HSS has an uninterrupted transit through the special open/close filling opening with vibrating hopper. For packing of potatoes, onions, carrots, sprouts and numerous other products.

The Lockseal HSS with the Lockwood weighing machines make the best combination but it also can be used in combination with other current weighing machines.


Option double filling hole and tilting bucket.
Option possibility for 25 kg bags.

Electric supply:
3 kW, 400 V with Neutral and Earth, 50Hz. (Europe)
3 kW, 220 V with Earth, 60Hz. (USA)

Appr. 600 kg.

Conditioned air supply:
6 bar, appr. 100 l/min.

PE-film 30 bags/min., depending on product and film quality.

More options:

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