Automatic filling and closing machine for netbags on rolls (Raschel).

This PLC-controlled machine is easy to operate and is suitable for packagings from 5 - 50 kg.

The Lockseal HS-N 40 and also the Lockseal HS-N 25/1 with the Lockwood weighing machines is the best combination but they also can be used in combination with all other current weighing machines.

The net is fed through the machine with help of special V-belts. Control signals in the transport indicate the right moment for starting, stopping and separating.
In this way the netbag is correctly positioned underneath the filling opening and the bag can be filled. The support belt carries the filled bags to the sewing machine where the bags are closed. After closing, the top end of the bag is separated.

Electric supply
3,5 kW, 400 V with Neutral and Earth, 50Hz.
3,5 kW, 240 V with Earth, 60Hz.

appr. 600 kg.

Conditioned air supply
6 Bar, appr. 75 I/min.

Netbags on roll of 5 up to 50 kg

Max. 17 bags/min, depending on product.


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